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30th Birthday Party Ideas

People generally want to do something a bit different and special for their 30th birthday, which is why a boat party is so often a great way to celebrate.

Firstly, How Much is it Going to Cost?

We find a lot of 30th Birthdays are funded mostly by the guests, perhaps with a subsidy provided by the birthday host to keep the price down per head, and therefore cost is often one of the most important factors. We have a big range of boats to suit various budgets - The below is a very basic guide of what you can expect it to cost:
Larger Party above 50 guests = from $2,600 boat hire
Medium Size Party around 35 guests = from $2,300 boat hire
Smaller Party below 30 guests = from $1600 boat hire
On top of these prices, you need to add food and beverage costs, which will vary significantly depending on the quality of the boat and the catering - the food can be as little $10pp (but average is much higher) and the drinks can be as little as $8 per person per hour. BYO food and drink may also be possible depending on the boat - generally not for groups above 50 guests and surcharges normally apply.

Boat Party Ideas for your 30th Birthday:

Straight Forward Cruise - normally 4 hours is enough time to have a good cruise around the harbour with lunch or dinner and drinks. In most cases people go for the casual finger food or BBQ food for 30th Birthdays, with cash bar meaning everyone pays for their own drinks as they go. For the smaller parties it's often possible to bring your own food & drink.

Surprise Party - we can help you plan the perfect surprise cruise for your friend, partner or family member. The easiest way is to carry out the initial surprise in a bar at Darling Harbour before boarding one of our boats, but we can also board everyone onto the boat minutes before the surprise for an even bigger shock!

Dance Party - particularly good if you've got a larger group of 50+ guests we can get a DJ with light and audio equipment onto a boat to really get the party pumping.

Swimming Cruise - in a 4 hour cruise we can reach some of Sydney's best kept secrets for a swim. The catamarans are particularly good for this and often come with water toys such as canoes, inflatables and snorkels for more fun.

Karaoke Party - some people just love the karaoke and being out on the harbour has to be better than being stuck in a little room. Even for those guests that don't want to participate, at least they're out on a boat! Note that only certain boats have good access and mains power to set up Karaoke so please do let us know in advance if you like this idea.

Fancy Dress Boat Party - a strange but fun combination.

Pub Crawl Boat Party - not such as popular one as it's a bit of a waste of chartering a boat if you're not going to be on it, but non-the-less a very good fun and extravagant way to celebrate your birthday. Not all boats are suited to this so please do discuss it with us before booking.

You can view all of the boats ideal for a 30th birthday celebration on the party boats page.

By Doug Hazell.

Party Boats for Hire:

2-36 Guests

Boat Hire Only Cost:
$2,200 - $2,400 / 4 hours Get a Quote / Enquiry
1-12 Guests

Boat Hire Only Cost:
$2,200 - $2,700 / 4 hours Get a Quote / Enquiry
1-36 Guests

Boat Hire Only Cost:
$4,800 - $6,400 / 4 hours Get a Quote / Enquiry
1-50 Guests

Boat Hire Only Cost:
$3,200 - $4,000 / 4 hours Get a Quote / Enquiry
1-40 Guests

Boat Hire Only Cost:
$2,400 - $2,600 / 4 hours Get a Quote / Enquiry
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