COVID-19 Policy

Your exact policy will be detailed on your booking form, but the standard policy across most bookings is:

If Government restrictions prevent the boat owner from delivering your charter initially booked for, then your charter can be postponed to another available date within 6 months.
The new date needs to be like-for-like, for example an off-peak date needs to be postponed to another off-peak date unless otherwise agreed (in which case additional fees may apply). Fair notice must be given.
If you ordered catering for your cruise, and if the cruise is cancelled or rescheduled without enough notice to cancel the catering order, then you will be required to pay for that catering. You can of course collect that catering order.
You must comply with all NSW health orders enforced at the time of your cruise.
Travel restrictions that prevent you from taking your cruise are deemed an "indirect circumstance" that impacts on the planned event. BHS and the boat owner are not responsible for this so a reschedule will not be offered assuming the cruise can operate under NSW government guidelines.


Will the boat be Covid Safe?
Yes all of our boats have implemented a comprehensive Covid Safety Plan which details their required procedures such as ensuring hygiene and cleanliness, suitable physical distancing procedures and appropriate signing in of all guests.

Can I postpone if Sydney goes into a lockdown?
Yes you will be able to postpone your charter if the boat owner cannot deliver your charter due to a Sydney wide lockdown. No refunds. Refer to your booking form for your exact policy details.

What if some of my guests can’t come due to their Suburb / Local Gov Area being locked down within NSW?
Refer to your booking form for your exact policy but in all cases we strongly recommend you save your guest list to your booking form within 7 days of confirming your booking - this will enable us to prove how many guests from your list are unable to attend due to their home address. Giving us more notice will improve our chances of finding a replacement booking, leading to a more satisfactory resolution.

What if some people can't come due to being directed to isolate?
Unfortunately this would not be grounds to postpone or cancel your charter however if the majority cannot come then we recommend gathering evidence of this and we can then take this to the boat owner on your behalf to request a postponement (if granted, fees and conditions would apply).

Am I safe to book an event for out-of-state guests?
Booking for out-of-state guests is at your own risk - it would be unlikely that you would get a refund or postponement due to out-of-state guests not being able to attend, unless a replacement charter was found for your booking.

What if the capacity of my boat decreases due to new Covid restrictions after I book?
In the vast majority of cases you could choose to postpone your charter if the boat can no longer deliver the charter you initially booked due to Covid capacity restrictions. You may choose to go ahead with a smaller number of guests, and this may result in lower costs to you depending on your booking.
Please check your booking form for your exact policy.

Can I invite more guests if my boat has an increase in Covid capacity?
Yes however additional fees may apply depending on your booking and permission needs to be granted by the boat owner.
Please keep in mind that if the capacity then reduces back to where it was before you invited the additional guests, unfortunately you will then have to un-invite those extra guests.

What are the current NSW Health Orders that I need to comply with?
The health orders do change over time and both you and the boat owner must comply with all health orders at the time of your cruise. Currently this includes:
Socially distance your guests whilst onboard And whilst waiting to board the vessel.
No singing and dancing.
Note with regards to vaccination, it is up to the boat owner if they require this - it is safest to assume it is a requirement as there is a strong preference amongst the industry for this but let us know if you require a boat that does not have a vaccination requirement.
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